About Brian Kerkoven

At the Brian Kerkoven Academy, a student is given an intense training in Runway modelling and leaves with a total knowledge of how to perform on the catwalk and to understand the specific terminology, which will be used by the different Choreographers that they would work with during their careers.

This extra polished knowledge will put them ahead of other models, who have not been trained to react with confidence and self-assurance. Thereby making the job of the Choreographer way easier. Having been a model myself and now a Choreographer, it is easy for me to teach them and guide them accordingly to avoid upsetting the Choreographer and their fellow models by not knowing the technical terms, the movements which would be involved in the choreography and the particular show which requires everything to move smoothly and synchronized.

What students say

I do not have to put so many words to explain about him or his work because everyone in the fashion industry know how talented and capable he is.

Chalani Nisansala RathnayakaModel

With my experience BK academy is the best place to learn about modelling & very 1st step you have to keep you to become a professional model. In the classroom they will not only train you how to walk like a model but to groom like a model

Pavani VithanageMiss International Sri Lanka 2019

It has given me so many opportunities everything I’ve achieved would have not been possible without the support and guidance I got from Brian !

Nimesha EkanayakeModel

I personally recommend young models who want to start up their career or develop their modelling career, to join the BK Model Management, where dreams are made into reality.

Roshan DumindaFace Of Sri Lanka 2019

If you are looking for a professional to guide you in the industry of modeling Walk with Brian Kerkoven Model Acadamy is the best place for you.

Harshani RumanModel

I would like to recommend Brian Kerkoven model Academy for anyone who is willing to become a model one day, I’m saying because I have experienced.

Pasan WeerasekaraModel

Modelling is not just appearing on shoots or ramp there’s lot more to learn. So to all the young models who want to develop their modelling career, I personally recommend and encourage you all to join the Brian Kerkoven Academy.

Nimesha EkanayakeModel

Whenever you go to a shoot or show, Brian will be there for you always to back you up, to identify and correct your mistakes, I have not seen such commitment from any other. Trust me when ever there is a shoot or fashion show, anyone can easily identify A Brian Kerkoven Girl.

Seshani GamageModel

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